Shipping costs

Personal pick-up (without any additional costs) is possible only in Bratislava, either in Dubravka at Ozvoldikova 4, or by agreement at a different location. The precise place and time will always be confirmed by phone or email.

If you prefer to have the books delivered by mail, you can select delivery by Slovenska posta, or pick-up at any Zasielkovna (Packeta) pick-up spot of your choice.

personal pick-up: FREE
delivery by Slovak post (within Slovakia):
1 book: 1,20€
2 books: 2,00€
3 or more books: 2,90€
Free shipping for orders above 35€
Zasielkovna (Packeta): 2,80€

A fee of 2,00€ will be charged in addition to the shipping fee if you choose the cash on delivery shipping option. If you order books for more than 35€, shipping and handling is FREE of charge.

Shipping costs to Czech Republic

Order to the Czech Republic are shipped by Slovak post. You can also choose to collect your order at Zásilkovna pick-up spot of your choice.
Payement is possible in EUR (card payment, PayPal, bank transfer), but also in CZK (card, bank transfer to our Czech account) without any additional costs charged by the bank.

delivery by Slovak post (Czech Republic):
1 or 2 books 3,00€
2 and more books 6,50€
Zásilkovna (Czech Republic): 4,30€

Shipping costs to other countries (except Czech Republic)

We will gladly ship books to any country of your choice, in case you wish to know the shipping costs to other destinations we will inform you by email.
If you place an order we will inform you about the final cost for shipping before sending your order. Based on this information you can either confirm your order, or decide to cancel it. The order is processed only once the final shipping costs are confirmed by the customer.