Here’s a list of the questions we hear the most often. However, if you don’t manage to find what you were looking for here, be sure to send us an email.

Which shipping methods are available and what are the costs?
All information related to shipping can be found under Shipping costs.

Do I need to register to make an order?
No, registering is voluntary, but it gives you several advantages. Please read Why register for more details.

How soon will I have the books after placing the order?
This depends on the shipping method of your choice. If you choose personal pick up, we will contact you to find the earliest possible date convenient for you. If you choose delivery by mail, we will ship the books within two workdays after receiving the order (cash on delivery payments) or immediately after receiving the confirmation of an incoming payment (card, bank transfer and PayPal payments).

Where can I pick up the book(s) in person?
Ordered books can be picked up in person at Ožvoldíkova nr. 4 in Dubravka, Bratislava (see on a map), after agreeing on the time and date by phone or email. In case you order a bigger number of books, other locations may be specified upon agreement.

Do you accept orders from abroad?
Yes, but when ordering from abroad, you have to take into consideration higher shipping costs based on the current tariffs of the postal service of the given country.

Which payment options are available?
All information related to payment options can be found under Payment options.

Do you also sell the books directly?
From time to time, we rent a stand at an event and offer our books directly. In order to find out where and when we’ll be doing this, check out our blog where we will regularly notify you of these “outings” of Eleven Books & Books.

How often do you update the stock?
Every week. On each weekend, we will add 11 new books to our stock. The latest additions can always be found in the New Arrivals section. All the books that you can see in the offer are books we actually have and we are able to ship them to you immediately.

Do you buy books as well?
Yes of course, in case you have some English books for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer store credit or cash, depending on the number of books you wish to sell, their condition, and if they fit our stock. For more information see We buy books.

Can you get specific books for me?
As our stock consists mainly of second-hand titles, which we get from different sources, we can only choose titles from the available offer. However, we will do our best to get the books you desire – just let us know what you are looking for (specific titles, editions, authors…).

What state are the books in?
New books are marked as “new” in the condition column. These books are brand new and unread.
Our secondhand books – after clicking on the photo you can see a bigger version of it along with additional information about the book. Among these you will find “condition” with a rating from 1 to 5. Books rated 5/5 are almost as new, while books rated 4/5 are lightly used, books rated 3/5 are more heavily used (damaged spine or cover, underlined text etc.). The condition of the book is also reflected in its price.

Do you sell only English books or also books in other languages?
Our main focus is a quality selection of English books, however, we also have a small selection of titles in German in our offer.