Books & Coffee (again)

We still miss being able to serve you coffee so we figured out a way to bring back the good old books & coffee days at least in a small way.

By subscribing to our “books & coffee” project you’ll be receiving a book and 100g of excellent coffee (roasted by Poetry Coffee) once a month for six months in a row starting from January 2022.

You won’t know what book you’ll receive but we’ve created several packages for you to choose from which will give you a pretty good idea. As for the coffee, you’ll receive a different variety each month with a detailed description. When subscribing, you can choose between espresso or filter roast depending on your preference.

To avoid receiving a book you’ve already read or own, it’s possible to send us a list of titles you don’t wish to receive. For example, if you sign up for the Kurt Vonnegut “So it goes” package, you can send us a list of books by Vonnegut you don’t want to receive and we’ll take it into consideration when selecting the book for you.

The number of packages is limited and it’s possible to subscribe until December 30, 2021. You will receive your first package around January 11 and the remaining five packages always around the 11th of the following month. The last package will reach you around June 11, 2022.

Each package will contain a book (from the category you choose), 100 grams of single-origin coffee and some small surprise.