From the 11th Floor to Eleven Books & Books

In our very first blog post, we’d like to give you a bit more background on why we changed 11th Floor Books to Eleven Books & Books and about our plans for the future.

We launched our online bookstore specialized in books in English in September 2011 (11th Floor Books) and opened our own small bookstore/cafe in February of 2016 (Eleven Books & Coffee). Due to several factors, we made the tough decision to close Eleven Books & Coffee on the last day of June in 2020.

Running our own bookstore has been an amazing experience – we miss the unique atmosphere and the daily encounters and discussions with our customers and friends (and these two categories merged over time).

We cherish the memories and keep alive the hope that one day we’ll be able to reopen somewhere. Closing the bookstore enabled us to dedicate more time to other projects and especially our online bookstore 11th Floor Books.

We decided to combine our experience from the online and offline world and merge the two projects into one – Eleven Books & Books. After ten years, we wanted to add new features, update the design and make things a little more exciting (for us and for you).

The plan is to take it slowly, step by step. Our initial goal was simply to launch the bookstore, update the stock and test if everything works properly. We’d be grateful for any feedback from your side.

We will continue to do our best to bring you the best selection of books in English for reasonable prices. We will also continue to add 11 new titles every weekend to our New Arrivals section, as has been the tradition since September 2011. You won’t be disappointed, as we set aside a number of interesting titles and special selections specifically for the next few months.

From the practical perspective, you will finally be able to pay by card and we hope that the new website will provide a much more comfortable browsing experience in general.

As for the future, we have several ideas for other book-related projects that will be a part of Eleven Books & Books and we can’t wait to introduce them in the months to come.

We’ll keep you updated about how things are going, the books we’re adding as well as any other worthy news through our Facebook page, our irregular newsletter, as well as this blog.

Thanks for continuing to follow our bookish journey!

Ivan & Sonja