Bravery in Battle: Stories from the Front Line


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Throughout history the words 'bravery' and 'battle' have gone together. It has been when he has gone to war that Man has found the means to show courage, determination and fortitude; a threat on one's life and those of comrades, and the need to quell an enemy, is the ultimate focus, the greatest stimulus for performing above and beyond the call of duty. In this collection of vivid actions from air, land and sea warfare the author ranges across the continents and from the days of colonial cavalry to fast-moving armoured vehicles. He takes the reader on desert offensives, parachute jumps, amphibious raids, subversive actions, kamikaze missions, fast-moving infantry attacks and brave defences, and on hand-to-hand fighting in enemy territory. The deeds and heroism described in the pages of this book will astonish and amaze, for not many experience warfare at the front line. Thus it will inform and educate those who have never suffered a 'live war' situation, have never been called upon to confront military danger head-on, have not been required to show bravery in battle.


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