Books and coffee are the answer...

coffee square

After almost four and a half beautiful years the doors of Eleven Books & Coffee on Bastova closed on June 30, 2020. Thank you for this great adventure, we’ll keep you updated about our future plans and projects. For now, you can browse our books online HERE.

The smell of books and the smell of fresh coffee… Both have accompanied us for quite a while. Eleven Books & Coffee is our attempt to combine these two elements in one space.

Our bookstore with a small cafe was opened on February 20, 2016. In our small premises, we aim to offer a quality selection of titles in English (as well as a smaller selection of titles in other foreign languages). Besides books, you can enjoy a cup of good coffee, a piece of cake, or a glass of wine.

Whether you come because of the books or because of coffee, we hope that you will feel right at home. A living-room-sized escape from the busy center with a living-room mood…

Welcome to Eleven Books & Coffee!