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For all who loved John Galsworthy's classic novel The Forsyte Saga and the millions who saw its world-famous Masterpiece Theatre television adaptation, here is the continuation of the epic story, brilliantly capturing both the style and the spirit of Galsworthy himself.

They were the Forsytes, a dynasty ravaged by corrosive secrets and dangerous liaisons. As England is poised on the brink of World War II, the civil war within the ranks of the Forsytes rages on. It had been ignited decades earlier by the incomparable Irene, whose beauty captured two brothers and sundered a family, whose legacy of forbidden desire swept down through the generations to conquer–and divide–again and again.

Now Soame's daughter, Fleur, is Lady Mont, dutiful wife of Michael Mont, M.P. She has buried her passion for her long-lost cousin, Irene's son, Jon Forsyte, under a veneer of motherhood and good works. But when tragedy brings Jon back to England, Fleur is determined to recapture the past–and the love of her life. Thus the story continues, as a brave and reckless new generation pursues the Forsyte destiny.


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