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The first victim was found hanging from a rope. The second, beaten to death in a pool of blood. The third, decapitated. Their backgrounds were as strikingly different as the methods of their murders. But one chilling detail linked all three crimes: their tongues had been cut out and replaced with a silver spoon. The local police had enough evidence to believe they were witnessing a rare–and disturbing–phenomenon: the making of a serial killer…

"He'll kill again."

Investigator Red Metcalfe has made national headlines with his uncanny gift for tracking killers. Getting inside their heads. Feeling what they feel. He's interviewed the most notorious serial killers in the world. He knows what makes them tick. But not this time. The killer's motives and methods are so elusive, so brilliant, that Red is forced to search the darkest corners of his own soul–and face the guiltiest secrets of his past–to see the truth. This time, the life he saves could be his own…

Prepare yourself for the stunning debut of a major new talent…and the most frightening book you will read this year.


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