Our offer is not very wide but each item is carefully chosen. We only include items we like and we hope you’ll enjoy them as well.

The daily offer includes:

espresso, ristretto, espresso lungo 1.30 EUR
espresso macchiato 1.40 EUR
cappuccino 1.70 EUR
latte 2.00 EUR
affogato 2.00 EUR
espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
aeropress 2.30 EUR
filtered single origin 100% arabica coffee
hot chocolate 1.80 EUR
50g of dark Belgian chocolate
assam 1.40 EUR
black tea, served English style with milk
darjeeling / oolong 1.40 EUR
selection of loose leaf teas, 150ml
matcha 1.40 EUR
Japanese green tea 150ml
matcha latte 1.90 EUR
chai latte 2.00 EUR
homemade spiced tea with steamed milk
lemonades 1.70 EUR
lavender-blueberry, mate-mint, jasmine-orange
wine 1.80 EUR
Sauvignon 2016, white, semi-dry, Fedor Malik and Son
beer 2.50 EUR - 2.80 EUR
selection of bottled beer by Kaltenecker
cakes 1.50 EUR - 3.00 EUR
daily offer
Pure Joy 2.50 EUR
banana, vanilla ice cream, peanut/coconut butter by Pure Nuts topping