Monday Coffee with Gavin and Jacques

If you’ve ever visited us on Monday around noon, there’s no need to introduce Jacques (from Belgium) and Gavin (from New Zealand). Once a week they show up to drink their coffee and talk. Their talks have a unique quality which is difficult to describe if you haven’t experienced it. Somehow they manage to jump from one random topic to another and when they get up to leave you’re not sure whether they talked about nothing the entire time or came close to revealing the deepest mysteries of the human condition.

What matters is that each and every one of their conversations was very entertaining. It was a shame that they couldn’t be shared with more people. Until today.

A few weeks ago I suggested that these coffee talks should be recorded for future generations and that if the word spreads we will surely have a full house every Monday. Today, the guys (who both work at Radio Slovakia International) arrived equipped with a voice recorder and fancy lapel microphones (which they forgot to turn on). Besides me, there was one other guest to witness this historic event from the start and although the guys did their best, she didn’t leave.

The first episode of Coffee with Gavin and Jacques can be found HERE. I’m already looking forward to next Monday. For a full experience, you’re welcome to come and listen live, or just wait for the recording of episode two, which will also be added here.

Of course, the guys will be more than glad to listen to and then ignore any questions or suggestions regarding the show or anything else.

Episode 2 in which:
Gavin: „Jacques and I discuss Belgian and New Zealand music, a mystical Dzi stone which I wear around my neck, trying on clothes, and how we have the amazing ability to both annoy and entertain the other patrons at Eleven Books & Coffee in Bratislava.

Episode 3 in which:
Gavin: „In this pointless recording of complete babbling nonsense, Jacques and I talk about car modifications, we wait patiently for coffee, I then provide incredibly delicious food to the cafe owner, while Jacques mocks my cooking abilities.

Episode 4 in which:
Gavin: „We devote far too much time in today’s incredibly pointless podcast to vegan food and Jacques might just be convinced regarding vegan cake – providing I pay for it. We also discuss throwing a Frisbee, shoulder pain and tanning.

Episode 5 in which:
Gavin: „We were forced into the great outdoors for today’s rambling podcast; having a picnic in a city park with sandwiches and a thermos of coffee on a pink blanket. The result was entertaining and unexpectedly educational, because in this episode (aside from laughing at two grown men picnicking on a pink blanket) we discussed politics, Donald Trump, lovers in the park, and America’s National Rifle Association (NRA).


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